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Richard's Fitness Journey

Three years ago, when I turned 70, I had to satisfy the DVLA that I was physically fit enough to retain my 7.5 tonne driving licence following a heart attack and a mini stroke. This was quite a sobering proposition!! I was recommended Martin as a PT by a seasoned fitness professional to see me through this process.

Within three months Martin managed to get my fitness to a level that allowed me to pass the test at twice the level required.

Since this time I have continued to train with him and I am now as fit as I was in my forties. He sets stretching but achievable programmes but does not ask you to attempt exercises that you can’t manage.

He is professional and is always supportive and encouraging but best of all he is a good bloke and makes even the hardest of sessions fun. I would highly recommend The Fitness Mentor because he has done a really good job for me.


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