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Karen's Fitness Journey

I'm almost 60 and, 3 years ago, I decided to get fitter to improve both my general health and my dressage riding. My husband had started training with Martin several months earlier and suggested I had a chat with him about my goals.

I met with Martin and found him to be very friendly and professional. The atmosphere in the gym, Arena Health and Fitness, is also very friendly and welcoming. Having previously felt intimidated in other gyms I'd used, this was the complete opposite and I immediately felt at ease.

Martin is very supportive and motivates you to do things you're not sure that you can do. He listens to your needs and designs individualised programmes to help you achieve your ambitions.

During the Covid-19 outbreak Martin has given me programmes to follow at home and has remained in touch, encouraging me to maintain my fitness and strength levels. I cannot recommend Martin highly enough.


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