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About Martin Clurow, The Fitness Mentor

My whole career has been dedicated to the health and fitness industry and I’ve loved every minute of it!

As a child, I was always intrigued by gyms and gym equipment. At a cousin’s wedding aged 10 I remember finding the hotel gym and being totally fascinated by all the machines and, even prior to that, I recall being on a weekend stroll with my parents and walking past a local gym which particularly caught my attention. Little did I know that around 16 years later I would own that very gym!

Having started out in a busy leisure centre aged 16, I completed my qualification as a Fitness Instructor and never looked back. With highly experienced colleagues around me and an incredibly vast range of clientele I was constantly learning. I taught various group exercise sessions and helped coordinate a very successful GP referral scheme. Going on to study and specialize in cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, I launched specialist sessions for NHS patients with cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. These classes were extremely positive and highly beneficial to the patients.

At the age of 21, I began working as a freelance personal trainer and quickly built up a large client base. By 24, I owned my very own gym, the one I mentioned earlier! Taking over from the previous owner, the gym needed a fresh injection of enthusiasm to be able to compete with the ever-growing competition. With new ideas and concepts, the business grew and grew and has built up an impressive reputation, receiving multiple business award nominations.

Today, with almost 15 years’ experience behind me, I’m as driven as ever to help YOU achieve YOUR goals.

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