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1-1 Personal Training

As a highly experienced Personal Trainer I have helped many people achieve many different goals. Personal Training isn’t all about quick ‘transformations’ that result in people yo-yoing. My mission is to educate people on how to improve their health for the long term and reap the rewards for a lifetime.

You can choose from 1 – 4 training sessions per week over 6, 12 or 18 weeks. On offer is a range of options to suit YOUR requirements and budget. All packages include a FREE initial consultation and assessment, and your progress will be measured regularly for the duration of your chosen PT package to ensure you’re on track.

You will receive a nutrition plan that is specifically tailored to you in terms of calories needed, macronutrients and any specific dietary requirements or preferences.  

Payment can be made in two instalments - one at the start and the other half way through the PT package that you select. 

All packages include training sessions (all 1 hour each), a nutrition plan tailored to you and your goals, regular assessments to measure progress, plus much more. 

You can also share the cost with a friend - see Paired PT pricing below or email for more information and availability,

Training sessions will take place at the gym I co-own Arena Health & Fitness UK, Newark.

Be Healthy. Be Active. Be Happy.

Personal Training Packages

Paired Personal Training Packages

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