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James' Fitness Journey

I started my PT sessions with Martin in June 2018, at the time I was physically and mentally exhausted and had lost a lot weight due to stress and anxiety, I was approx. 2 stone under what I would class as my normal weight and had lost a lot of muscle mass. Being an open water swimmer and runner I have always been very against gym’s and weight lifting and to be honest I always thought PT’s were a waste of money and that google could give me fitness advice for free.

After much local research I decided to give Martin a trial and signed up for his 12 week PT programme. To cut a long story short Martin has transformed both my physical fitness and mental health to levels that I didn’t think were possible. I’ve put on 2 stone of weight, mostly lean muscle whilst keeping my body fat to roughly the same levels. I have an abundance of energy, I’m more positive and my sense of humour has returned. My notoriously weak lower back it stronger than it has ever been and I am now lifting weights that were previously unthinkable.

My new levels of fitness have had a positive impact on my career and other sports, I feel much more powerful in both open water and on the running track. Martin has a wealth of knowledge in health and fitness and has rotated my PT programme on a 6 week basis from muscle gain to strength training to fat loss, I’ve found the whole process fascinating.

I was so impressed with Martin’s PT that I have been having 3 sessions per week for the last 12 months and plan to continue. To finish off this review I would like to thank Martin personally for his time and effort, he’s a very talented and skilled guy in the health and fitness sector, he has a brilliant sense of humour and he offers excellent value for money on a local level in an industry full of commercially driven national gyms.

I would highly recommend Martin and his PT services to anyone who wants to get properly fit and strong the right way……my 12 month fitness journey has been structured, educated, natural and a lot of fun! Thanks again Martin!


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