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Hilary's Fitness Journey

I approached Martin in October 2018 to ask if he would become my personal trainer. I have known Martin for a long time and respect his in-depth knowledge regarding exercise and nutrition. I was aware he had previously worked with clients referred through the GP referral system too. Martin is friendly, approachable and honest. These are the qualities I wanted in a personal trainer.

He demonstrates empathy towards my current situation regarding mobility constraints, however he knows my capabilities and guides, support and encourages me to progress further.

Since working with Martin I feel my confidence has increased and I feel more motivated to address and achieve things in my life. I look forward to continuing to work with Martin, post my surgery, and see further improved changes not only in my body condition and mobility but in my mental health well-being too. In my view, Martin is an excellent personal trainer and I would definitely recommend him to others.


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