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Elizabeth and John's Fitness Journeys

Both having been retired for some years we felt that it was time to ensure our levels of fitness and energy should be improved as far as was realistic.

Martin has considerable experience and a thorough knowledge of the training environment. He has created individual programmes, tailored to our goals, abilities and expectations. These have been reviewed at regular intervals as our capabilities have increased.

We have been assisted every step of the way by Martin, who ensures that we move forward safely at the correct pace. This we have found both enjoyable and rewarding.

To date after five months our progress has surpassed our expectations. It is our intension to continue into the future with Martin as our Personal Trainer and feel confident that our progress will be maintained with each new programme Martin presents to us.

We would encourage anyone, no matter their sex, age or fitness levels to contact Martin. It is a decision you will find rewarding and beneficial.


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